Usage and Application
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Flucarbazone – sodium (Group 2)

Apply PRE-PARE® with your regular glyphosate burndown application (within 10 days of planting).


For winter wheat apply PRE-PARE on soils with organic matter greater than 1.0% and pH less than 8.0

• 0.2 - 0.3 oz/A with your standard glyphosate treatment

Application Rate for Winter Wheat Based on Soil pH and Soil Organic Matter (OM)

Soil pH

OM 1.0-1.4%

OM 1.5-2.0%

OM > 2.0%

pH 7.5-8.0

0.2 oz/A

0.25 oz/A

0.3 oz/A

pH < 7.5

0.3 oz/A

0.3 oz/A

0.3 oz/A

  • 0.3 oz/A with your standard glyphosate treatment
  • All standard adjuvant systems and additional glyphosate tank-mixes are compatible with PRE-PARE
  • Refer to label for aerial application procedures

Ensure the spray tank is clean. In-line strainers and nozzle screens should be clean and 50-mesh or coarser.

  1. Fill the spray tank ¼ to ½ full with clean water and begin agitation or bypass.
  2. Add PRE-PARE directly to the spray tank.
  3. Add the glyphosate herbicide.
  4. Add the surfactant.
  5. Add fertilizer/micronutrients (if needed).
  6. Fill the spray tank to the required level.

Maintain sufficient agitation during both mixing and application of PRE-PARE.

PRE-PARE can be used in a wide variety of crop rotation programs based on soil types and prevailing climatic conditions. Refer to the PRE-PARE label to determine how PRE-PARE fits into your crop rotation plans.

PRE-PARE can be applied to no till stubble or black soil fields with the normal application of glyphosate.